Bronze Service

£35 Excluding Parts

If you don’t use your bike a great deal, the bronze service is all you need. You will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gears change smoothly and your brakes work well. We will also advise if parts need replacing.

  • Check and adjust brakes and gears.
  • Check and inflate tyres.

Silver Service

£50 Excluding Parts

For the average user, we recommend the silver service where we check over the whole bike. The Standard Service comes with a six month warranty on the work carried out, and a one year warranty on new parts fitted.

As Bronze Service, plus:

  • Check and externally adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
  • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).
  • Lubricate cables (replace if required).
  • Lubricate chain and derailleurs.
  • Check/tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Test ride.
  • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out.

Gold Service

£90 Excluding Parts

We strip your bike down.. Every part is carefully checked over before it is refitted. Serviceable bearings are regreased. New cables, bearings and brake pads are fitted if required.

As Silver Service, plus

  • Complete strip down and rebuild including headset, bottom bracket and hubs
  • All threads cleaned and chased.
  • Wheels trued & tensioned.